GoGreen 10 Program


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Emerging Green Leaders: Entrepreneurial Companies Leading the Way
Moderator Lisa Keeney | Founder, Keeney's Office Supply
Matt Galvin | Founder, Pagliacci Pizza
Jeremy Jaech | CEO & President, Verdiem
Kelly Ogilvie | President & CEO, Blue Marble Energy
KC Golden | Policy Director, Climate Solutions

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn


Rob Bernard | Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft

Eco-Visionaries: Creating the New Sustainable Business Landscape
Moderator: Darcy Winslow | Founder, DSW Collective
Sheri Flies | Asst. General Merchandising Manager, COSTCO
Sarah Severn | Director of Sustainability, NIKE, Inc.
Joyce Lavalle | SVP, Interface Americas (alumni)
Jean Brittingham | Strategy Director, Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership at University of Cambridge
Operation Green: Build Sustainability Into Your Business Operations
Introduction by Stacy Noland | Founder, Moontown Foundation
Moderator: Alicia Daniels Uhlig | Director of Sustainability, GGLO
Mark Morford | Partner, Stoel Rives
Kirk Myers | Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, REI
Molly Ray | Manager, Sustainable Partnerships, Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle
Green Building: The 2030 Challenge
Moderator: Sandra Mallory | Group Manager, City Green Building
Margaret Montgomery | Principal, NBBJ
Brett Phillips | Sustainability Manager, Unico Properties
Brandon Morgan | Development Manager, Vulcan, Inc.
Traditional Companies Going Green: Sustainable Strategy for Long-Term Growth
Moderator: David Quigg | Director of Marketing, Greys Harbor Paper
Stan Gent | President, Seattle Steam
Stephanie Bennett | Planning Manager, K2 Sports
Carole Robbins | Environmental Affairs Manager, PACCAR Inc
Developing Your Sustainability Plan: Framework and Process to Advance Sustainable Objectives
Moderator: Mary Rose | Co-Director, Network for Business Innovation & Sustainability (NBIS)
Steve Rybolt | Port of Seattle/SeaTac Airport
Yancy Wright | Sustainable Initiatives Manager, Sellen Construction Company
Tina Stotz | Manager of Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives, Holland America Line
Green Your Business through Transportation: Fleets, Commuters, and Location
Moderator: Jemae Hoffman | Seattle Dept of Transportation
Jamie Cheney | Director, Commute Seattle
Paulo Nunes-Ueno | Transportation Director, Children’s Hospital
Brian Lagerberg | Washington State Department of Transportation Employer Program
Paul Keil | Center Director, Pitney Bowes
12:45pm-1:40pm LUNCH SESSIONS
State & Local Sustainability Resources: Public Sector Business Support
Moderator: Charlie Cunniff | Director, Seattle Climate Partnership
Bob Donegan | President, Ivar’s and Kidd Valley
Hugh O’Neill | Lean and Green Project Manager, Washington State Department of Ecology
Soraya Dossa | Sustainability Manager, Impact Washington
Improve Your Sustainability Credentials: Opportunities for Continuing Education and Certification
Moderator: Scott Schroeder PhD/Dean of Academic Affairs | Bainbridge Graduate Institute
Kate Davies | Director, Center for Creative Change, Antioch University
Kevin Maas | Founder, Farm Power
Tom Everill | President, Northwest Center
Electric Vehicles: Investment, Implications and Opportunities for Business
Moderator: Gustavo Collantes, PhD | Washington State Department of Commerce
Mark Perry | Director of Product Development, Nissan
Rich Feldman | Pacific Northwest Regional Manager, Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec)
Ron Johnston-Rodriquez | Economic Development Director, Port of Chelan County
Carbon Footprint Analysis: Tools For Measuring and Reducing Your Company's Impact
Moderator: Kevin Wilhelm | Founder, Sustainable Business Consulting
Mike Thomas | Chief of Operations, Cochran Inc.
Heidi Reyes | Vice President, Waggener Edstrom
John Zmolek | Executive Vice President, Verity Credit Union

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Green Marketing & Branding: Spreading Your Sustainable Message
Introduction by Shelley Balanko | Vice President Ethnographic Research, The Hartman Group
Moderator: Marty McDonald | Founder + Creative Director, Egg
James Curleigh | President & CEO, KEEN Footwear
Joe Whinney | Founder, Theo Chocolate
Katie Seawell | Director Shared Planet Marketing, Starbucks
Chamber of Commerce Regional Leadership Conference: Top Sustainable Sector Update
Moderator: Gregg Small | Executive Director, Climate Solutions
ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Ash Awad | Vice President, Energy Services, McKinstry
RENEWABLE ENERGY: Tom MacLean | Manager of Customer Renewable Energy Programs, Puget Sound Energy
SMART GRID: Dr. Mani Vadari | Vice-President Energy Infrastructure, Battelle Energy Technology
Growing Green Ideas: Funding for Sustainable Business Implementation
Moderator: Maud Daudon | President & CEO SNW Securities Corporation
Aaron Fairchild | Managing Partner, g2b ventures
Michael Butler | President, Cascadia Capital
Sue Taoko | Executive Vice President, ShoreBank Cascadia Enterprise
Social Media and Your Sustainable Message: Maximizing Outreach through Online Forums
Moderator: Nik Blosser | Founder and President, Celilo Group
Gabriel Scheer | Founder, Re-Vision Labs
Ross Reynolds | Host, The Conversation, KUOW
Ricardo Robago | PCC Natural Markets
Featuring Snoqualmie Winery, Fish Brewing Company and Honest Tea