2014 Programming Schedule

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Get a first-hand view of the Northwest's largest, most advanced recycling infrastructure located at Republic Services' facility in Seattle. Quickly and efficiently, this facility recycles more than 200,000 tons of material every year, the equivalent weight of nearly 500 fully-loaded Boeing 747 jets. Come help Seattle celebrate 25 years of recycling in partnership with Republic and see what drives some of the highest diversion rates in the world, diverting 1.7 million tons of material in Seattle alone, enough to fill two city landfills. A stalwart of sustainability, Republic's recycling facility showcases the fundamental infrastructure needed for Zero Waste to become a reality.

Republic Services' management team is providing GoGreen Seattle 2014 with an in-depth tour of its 12-acre site. Sign up now, limited spots available on the tour!
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You are invited to the 2014 EPA Executive Forum at the GoGreen Conference — a new element we are introducing as part of the GoGreen Conference for our 5th year in Seattle. Join us for a Keynote from EPA Regional Administrator Dennis McLerran and a very special Showcase of Outstanding Business Participants from EPA's Food Recovery Challenge, Energy Star, and Green Power Partnership programs. Learn how EPA Region 10 sustainability leaders became Outstanding Participants in these EPA programs — including overcoming challenges, and implementing best practices. Network with 75+ Executives from companies such as Starbucks, Nordstrom, Office Depot, Boeing and Microsoft. *Additional ticket required to attend.
3:00-3:15pm | Keynote
Introduction: Domenic Calabro | Waste Prevention Specialist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Seattle
Dennis McLerran | Regional Administrator, EPA Region 10
3:15-4:30pm | EPA Outstanding Participants Panel Session
Dennis McLerran | Regional Administrator, EPA Region 10
Bruce Bassett | Mayor, City of Mercer Island
Richard Beam | Director, Energy Management Services, Providence Health & Services
Gene Woodard | Director of Facility Services, University of Washington
Brad Ouderkirk | Director of Solutions Engineering, Ecova
4:30-5:00pm | Networking
Attendees of the Executive Forum are invited to sign up for a Tesla Model S test drive at the Pan Pacific Seattle Hotel. Email seattle@gogreenconference.net to reserve your test drive today. The Tesla Model S is the world's first all-electric, zero emissions luxury sedan. (This invitation is not an endorsement, either express or implied, of Tesla Motors or its vehicles by the US Environmental Protection Agency.)

Tesla's goal is to accelerate the world's transition to electric mobility with a full range of increasingly affordable electric cars. California-based Tesla designs and manufactures EVs, as well as EV powertrain components for industry partners. Our Model S is the world's first premium sedan built from the ground up as an electric vehicle and has been engineered to elevate the public's expectations of what a premium sedan can be. Model S has received many of the industry's most prestigious awards and accolades during its first year on the market. For more information, please visit www.teslamotors.com.
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
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Like many corporations who have chosen the GRI Guidelines as their resource for developing sustainability-related disclosures, so have many public agencies. Determining reporting content requires first evaluating what's important to stakeholders and why it matters. This GRI short course will include an overview of common sustainability impacts among public agencies and corporations. This course will be led by ISOS Group Trainer and sustainability expert, Dr. Jeff Leinaweaver. Upon course completion, participants will receive a certificate issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the most widely used voluntary framework for sustainability reporting in the world today.

This certification course will train participants on the following:
  • The various definitions of "materiality"
  • What it means to determine what's relevant
  • Tools available to compliment this process
  • Methods for illustrating what matters most
*Space is limited and additional registration is required to attend.
Dr. Jeff Leinaweaver | Founder & Principal, Global Zen Sustainability
Panel Sessions
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How To Workshops Solutions Labs

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Registration and Networking
Conference Emcee: Jeff Burnside | Investigative Reporter, KOMO 4 News

Electric Vehicle Ride & Drive
Opening Segment
  Dow Constantine | King County Executive
Opening Keynote
  Jim Wegner | President & Chief Executive Officer, Darigold 
There is a new category of responsible business on the scene: the B Corporation. Today there are 987 B Corps certified across the globe and more than 15,000 businesses using the free B Impact Assessment tool. This tool helps you make sense of your social and environmental performance ranging from water and energy use to your business model and community support. Joining the ranks of certified B Corps may be the stamp of approval to put your company in a class above the rest. But is it right for you? How valuable is the tool versus full certification? Will it boost your business' competitiveness? This session brings you a mix of four very candid and diverse B Corps to help you explore the next wave of responsible business and what it means for you.
  Moderator: Erik Froyd | Founder, Milepost Consulting
  Kat Taylor | Founder & Chief Executive Officer, One PacificCoast Bank
  Peter van Stolk | President, SPUD
  Michael "Luni" Libes | Founder & Managing Director, Fledge

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Networking Break

Electric Vehicle Ride & Drive
Join us to hear from Washington State businesses in key regional industries on how they have initiated change towards sustainable practices and reduced their overall carbon footprint. A diverse set Washington companies at the forefront of driving that change and finding the next breakthrough will share their successes and challenges of making the case for sustainability within their organization and industry
Introduction: Steven Sterne | General Manager, Keeney's
Moderator: John Taylor | Assistant Director of Water and Land Resources Division, King County
Amy Grondin | Owner & Fisherman, Duna Fisheries 
Thomas Ranken | President & Chief Executive Officer, Washington Clean Technology Alliance
Paul Beveridge | Owner & Winemaker, Wilridge Winery 
Jacob Davis | Facility Operations Manager, CenturyLink Field, Home of Seahawks & SoundersFC
David Akiyama | Program Manager of EcoDemonstrator-Product Development, Boeing Commercial Airplanes 
Many companies have started on sustainability and have had success in the first year or two. But as the economy changes or new corporate initiatives take priority, enthusiasm can begin to wane. This workshop will lay out the keys for successful sustainability implementation, both for those who are just getting started as well as those who've seen momentum wane within their organization. The first part of the workshop will feature organizations that are able to make sustainability stick through engaging stakeholder mapping, embedding sustainability into operations and taking action from company's baseline. After the presentations, our attendees will have an opportunity to roll-up their sleeves in small groups to solve their company's problems utilizing these key strategies.

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Introduction: Jill Bamburg | Faculty and Founding Dean, BGI at Pinchot
Moderator: Kevin Wilhelm | Founder, Sustainable Business Consulting 
Claudia Frere | Director of Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Office, University of Washington  
Michael Roy | Owner, Roy Farms
Carman McKinney | Manager-Food Safety & Sustainability, Roy Farms 
Tony George | President, Kitsap Bank 
The growth of sustainable business leadership, innovation, management and CSR reporting has been remarkable in the last decade or two, with many pioneers based here in the Northwest. But there is widespread concern that even with these successes, we aren't moving the dial enough to meet the deadlines our planet is setting for us. What can business leaders do to accelerate impact and what are the wider marketplace and policy conditions necessary to support greater traction? Karl Ostrom, PhD, Co-Executive Director of NBIS, convenes a Solutions Lab with participants and a thought leader panel composed of business and civic leaders to address barriers, opportunities and new strategies.

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Introduction: Anne Eskridge | Assistant Director for Materials Management, UW Surplus
Moderator: Karl Ostrom, Ph.D. | Co-director, Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability (NBIS)
Mark Hower, Ph.D. | Professor of Business Leadership & Social Change, Antioch University
Marcy Ostrom, Ph.D. | Director, Small Farms Program, Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, Washington State University
Egils Milbergs | President & Chief Executive Officer, Center for Accelerating Innovation
Sheri Flies | Assistant General Merchandise Manager, Global Sourcing, Costco
Lunch & Networking

Join us for a new GoGreen segment — King County's "At Your Service" at the GoGreen Foyer Lounge — showcasing practical tools for your business around sustainability that are available from King County. There are numerous programs offering environmental benefits to your business — stop by and ask the King County experts:
  • From EnviroStars, and learn how you can join the hundreds of local businesses to become a certified business recognized for being environmentally responsible; or
  • From Hazardous Waste, who can show you how you could qualify for no-charge business visits, technical assistance, funding and recognition; or
  • From Parks, who are experts in fostering environmental stewardship and strengthening communities through partnerships and volunteer opportunities; or
  • From Small Contractors and Suppliers, who can teach you how to qualify as a certified small contractor or supplier.
  • Meet RainWise staff and find out if your property is eligible for a rebate that will cover most of the cost of installing cisterns and/or rain gardens on your property to control stormwater runoff. King County has teamed up with Seattle Public Utilities to offer this program in areas where solutions like this can help control combined sewer overflows.
Introduction: Larry Phillips | Council Chair and Councilmember, King County
Mid-Day Keynote
Bruce Christiansen | Board of Directors, Food Lifeline
Our regional food system encompasses production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste management. To understand the positive impact of a sustainable food system, we have to start at its source. A study by the University of Minnesota showed that small farms with less than $100,000 gross income annually spend almost 95% of farm-related expenditure within their local community. Sustainable farms support not only local businesses but also provide local job opportunities because they require more workers. In this plenary session, we bring together farmers, a grocer, a policy influencer and a financial expert to discuss the challenges and potentials of sustainable food production and its relationship to economics and the business climate in the region.
  Moderator: Lilly Simmering | Food Economy Program Manager, King County
  Richard Conlin | Co-Chair, The Regional Food Policy Council
  Andrea Platt Dwyer | Executive Director, Seattle Tilth
  Zachary Lyons | President, Seattle Chefs Collaborative
  Andrew Stout | Founder, Full Circle Farm
Networking Break
Since the City of Seattle launched the 2030 District in 2011, this newly created district has achieved a total of 7.4% in energy reduction which is on track to meet the 10% reduction goal by 2015. The Smart Buildings Program provides tools to help building owners access energy usage data in real-time. Through advanced data analytics, facility managers can identify inefficient equipment and adjust performance, room temperature and lighting to maximize energy savings. In this session led by Brian Geller of 2030 District, Microsoft and Accenture will share collaboration strategies and data analytics tools that translate massive and complex building data into a user-friendly dashboard. The Sheraton Seattle Hotel will give a live demonstration of the energy analytics tools that it uses to monitor and control its high level energy performance without costly retrofits and without disrupting hotel guests. Join us and take back an action plan for your building today!

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Introduction: Stan Gent | Chief Executive Officer, Seattle Steam
Moderator: Brian Geller | Executive Director, 2030 District
Rodney Schauf, FMA, CEOE | Director of Engineering, Sheraton Seattle Hotel
Darrell Smith | Director of Energy & Building Technology, Real Estate & Facilities, Microsoft
John Rhoads | Director for Smart Building Solutions & Energy Services, Accenture
Problem Statement I: How to bring healthy food to low income families
Problem Statement II: How to design a profitable business model for local small sustainable farmers
Problem Statement III: How to make urban agriculture beneficial for city residents and profitable for stakeholders
Problem Statement IV: How to gain support from research institutes for organic and sustainable farming communities
Problem Statement V: How to encourage small restaurants and grocers to their reduce waste and carbon footprint
Co-Moderator: Patti Southard | Project Manager, King County GreenTools
Co-Moderator: Lucy Moore | Author, Common Ground on Hostile Turf
Group Leader: Terri Butler Ph.D. | Executive Director, Sustainable Seattle
Group Leader: Jessika Tantisook | Founder, Starvation Alley Farms
Group Leader: Nicole Kistler | Founder, Nicole Kistler Studio
Group Leader: Ellen Southard | Salmon Safe Outreach Manager, Stewardship Partners 
Group Leader: Peter Donahue | Compost Master, Alleycat Acres
Building on the success of our 2013 Solutions Lab on change, this hands-on deep-dive workshop/story-telling session will help you to take the next step of building your change program. Learn about the neuroscience of change, techniques for managing resistance and change fatigue and how to embed change agility into the DNA of your organization. Hear stories from leading brands in the Puget Sound - The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Liberty Mutual and Alaska Airlines as to how they have successfully applied these techniques in their organizations to demonstrate how you can implement these program effectively in turn.

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Introduction: Ryan Crosby | Community Relations Manager, Pan Pacific Seattle Hotel
Moderator: Beth Montag-Schmaltz | Founding Partner, PeopleFirm 
Bradd Busick | Senior Manager, IT Planning, Analysis & PM, The Gates Foundation
Claudia Hage | Change Management, Alaska Airlines
Amy Clemetson | Director, Business Systems Development & Planning for Commercial Lines, Liberty Mutual Insurance
View video from the session here.
Networking Break
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Closing Keynote
Closing Remarks: Christie True | Director, Department of Natural Resources and Parks, King County
Introduction: Jason Fiorito | President, Pacific Innovation Center
  Kimbal Musk | Founder, The Kitchen Community
Networking Reception
Conference Emcee: Ed Muir | Meteorologist, NWCN

View/Download a print ready version of the GoGreen Seattle 2014 Program here.

Electric Vehicle Ride & Drive

Come see and experience the latest in cutting edge sustainable Advance Vehicles at GoGreen Seattle 2014. Check out the VIA Motors electric fleet vehicle, the Republic Services CNG service truck and the new Tesla Model S, a full-sized electric five-door hatchback produced by Tesla Motors and the 2013 World Green Car of the Year, 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year, and Automobile Magazine's 2013 Car of the Year! Take some of the most advanced green vehicles on the market for a spin to see how they could work for you and your business.

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